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We recently journeyed to the UK by Car Ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth. For those who have never done it, the journey took us about 10.5 hours to drive from Vera Playa to Bilbao, and the same on our return. Most of it Autovias, 2 x tolls each way, total about 21Euros e.w.  Sat Nav useful around Bilbao.

We were away almost 6 weeks, so the ferry cost was recovered by not having to hire a car in the UK. And of course, we could take far more luggage! No "single bag" rule. No excess baggage fees! No scrummage for seating - an assigned cabin! All in all, quite civilised!.

Till now have always flown, so with luggage weight restrictions never thought much about what we could take back. But with a ferry you can take back a heck of a lot more.  If you've bought in the EU & paid EU tax you can take back as much as you want - provided it's for personal use. Rather than me try and explain it all (and get it wrong), follow this link for UK "guidelines" 
Don't forget to keep proofs of payment.

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