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UK naturism in lockdown

Phil B-C
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Last year saw Sue and I having our Vera Playa flights (therefore our annual holiday) cancelled by Ryanair so we invested all the money we would have spent (plus more than a good few k more) in refurbishing our private naturist patio at home.
All coming together now in readiness for the 2021 summer season but (in my opinion) naturism is most definitely a social thing and Vera Playa provided that, all be it only once a year.  Regrettably, we think 2021 will be too soon to return to Spain with this Covid thing still hovering over us all so we shall be soaking up all the sun we can in (not quite so sunny) Dorset.
Having now spent soooo much money on our garden makeover we now have to justify the cost by making maximum use of it so we will sorely miss the social side of naturism that Vera Playa once provided.

Topic starter Posted : 28/02/2021 8:08 pm