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FREE TO GOOD HOME - Rescued Kitten (now 6 months old)

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I hate to have to post this, especially in the For Sale Section!

Way back in March before Lockdown started, literally the night before, my better half and I stumbled across a kitten meowing its poor head off. It was famished, almost starved and seemed to have just been in a fight. An adult tom cat was 'stalking' it (we now know is a her). She had a damaged leg and was limping badly.

Well we couldn't just leave her in such a dire situation, so we resolved to take her home and help it recover, maybe a week or so, perhaps take to a vet. We actually had no idea that covid was coming and the very next day found out rudely by some local Guardia Civil telling us to get back in our Casa!

So, we were stuck with our new pet! My better half named her "Lucky". 

For the first few weeks she only slept in my baseball cap or my boot - two things I was wearing when we saved her.  :-*

We had resolved to keep her, and she has been great (and sometimes crazy!) company for the past 6 months...but unfortunately I have lost my job and we simply cannot afford to keep her any longer.

We are reluctantly giving her up to a good home.

She comes with 6 months worth of litter, a top-of-the-range litter tray (fully enclosed), 3 months worth of food, a great flea collar with about 3 months use left (she is flea free for past 3 months).

We were about to get her splayed and de-clawed as she is just at the right age, but cannot afford that now either  🙁

Please email me if you want a beautiful but scatty cat 🙂

She is still getting used to being petted and does try to nip your hand, but I can show you how to train her off that, it takes time and patience, but she has made great progress.


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This is Lucky's litter (also included for free)


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