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Anyone got a survey meter?

Yulia and Sergey
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Has anyone done any kind of amateur survey in the BA area? We would be happy to borrow (or rent) equipment from a person who own one. We tried to buy from a manufacturer, one that can be trusted, but they all seem not to respond emails from individuals. If it is not possible to find one here, we search for community support about this matter. Why don't we have one shared device for everyone to borrow when someone needed it.

yulia & sergey

Topic starter Posted : 04/11/2011 6:14 pm
Yulia and Sergey
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OK, we did the survey. Here is our data (in mcRem/h).

7..11 - on the beach next to Puerto Ray and Vera Playa
10..15 - on the beach next to Palomares
10..13 - on the ground in the naturist zone
12..16 - in the hills around the BA fenced zone
16 - in Palomares, next to the second BA site
13..16 - by a water depository close to the first BA site
15 - on a cabbage field in Palomares
15..19 - inside our apartment
12..18 - on the black pebbles in Villaricos beach
17  - the meter put in a plastic bag floating in a barrel of tap water--proved the water was perfectly clean, given 17 mcrem/h was just an average background inside the apartment, and nothing has added on top of it.

How we did it.

We travelled around Vera Playa by bicycle and on foot and randomly put our meter to the ground (to check beta rays - the Pn contamination indicator). Our tool was RADEX1503+ Being a home tool, its readings could not be counted for any serios observation, but it was good enough for us to alarm of potential unsafety, and to have a means to compare readings in different locations.  


As you see, we found nothing out of normal.

There're two more meterings, in Moscow, for comparison.

13..18 mcrem/h - inside our flat in Moscow
7..9 - in the subway in Moscow (the lowest level I've ever seen anywhere)

Levels inside building are somewhat higher than outside, which is normal, because this is a natural gamma radiation usually found in homes made of concrete and stone.


Just one tiny bit of imperfection to the shining picture. There was one time we get one of our readings slightly out of order. It was a small spot about 100 m size in the hills to the west of palomares, but we found it quite distant--the reason we haven't included it in the list--, unlikely is related to the BA but rather some natural mineral presence. And the level (35) was still inside the safety zone. Please PM if you are interested to know GPS of the spot. But we only detected perfectly normal background noise in all of the locations associated with tourist activities and local businesses as so on the roads and fields. We also proved water was not contaminated as neither were the fruits we bought in the market in Villaricos.

Our conclusion: As far as ionazing radiation is concern, we are safe in Vera Playa.

Sergey & Yulia

yulia & sergey

Topic starter Posted : 23/01/2012 10:50 am
Gary Dutton
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An amazing exercise.  Thank you so much for publishing this information.

Back in 3 weeks woop woop


Posted : 23/01/2012 4:23 pm