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Hello, spanish looking for new friends!

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Hello, I'm Flavio nice to meet you!

I'm original from Almeria capital but I moved to Vera Playa a year ago for work, and it's hardly with this Covid situation to find people for meet up and take a beer, do a BBQ or go to the beach.

Also recently I bought a camper van and I'm preparing it to visit the different beach coves of Almeria on the weekends when the municipal restrictions end.

I live near the naturist zone but not there, so I started in the naturist world this summer, so I'm a noob hehe. So please be kind and show me the correct way to don't make some misundestandings.

And also if you're bored and want to chat or take a beer, I'm here

Topic starter Posted : 15/02/2021 4:00 pm
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hello am i talking to roberto from s/d?if so nice but if not also nice.i stayed at natura world in feb last first time on naturist complex.found very interesting.but only ever went nude on beach or front hoping to be in vera playa as soon as covid maybe we could meet up?thanks.harry. miguel on s/d.

Posted : 16/02/2021 1:02 pm