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Forum -v- FaceBook

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Much prefer the forum to Facebook. It's far easier to use as a resource for information about Vera.

Posted : 18/03/2014 6:09 pm
Seaside Nick (was Seaside Naturist)
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Hi Seaside,
Sorry, not quite with you on the quality -v- quantity thing.

Any chance that you can elaborate ?

Sorry I was rushing (nearly made a twitter post. LOL)
But that comment illustrates the shallow nature of social media (especially twitter).
FB is a bit better in theory but people don't read long posts. It's a superficial scan only thing.
I use FB a lot, but for fun.
Most Naturists are also not open and FB is too public. Most people use it for family and friends (often other hobbies) and don't want everyone in the world to know they are naturists. I'm OK now as I have retired.
We actually used the 'power' of FB to 'come out'. My wife just 'checked in' at Clover Naturist Spa. That was a painless way to do it. It was also VERY quick!
Social media is also temporary. Yes it's on there forever, but in reality has a half life of 24 hrs at best. People don't scroll back and there is no search facility. The same stuff has to be placed over and over. (far more quickly than a forum like this) The experienced get fed up of this don't look, don't post and value is lost.
In summary, it's not an either / or but a heads up addition. It's the equivalent of headlines and pictures to attract attention in a magazine. It is good for posting pictures to grab attention. BUT a Naturist photo will get you closed down and you have no control over that!!! So it's temporary. Use it to link to your real stuff on the website.
Hope this helps

Posted : 18/03/2014 11:29 pm
Seaside Nick (was Seaside Naturist)
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PS thanks for the great work.
Remember that the 'other' VP Forum got closed down because it was unfriendly. This resulted in few posts.
That was linked to a fantastically detailed website, which still exists.
But I would wager that it hardly gets used now. I often forget about it.

Posted : 18/03/2014 11:39 pm
John and Maureen Berry
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I very much appreciate the work that Alan does and think the forum is an extremely valuable resource.  The facebook page and forum do perform different functions and I use them both.  I use the forum for information, posting information and discussions and I use face-book for chats, one liners and quips with people.  As retired people we are less concerned about the 'secrecy' issue, but the facebook group is actually a private group and your facebook friends can see that you are a member but they can't see the contents, unless they join.  And just as a point of interest, our Naturist Club has a 'secret' facebook page that has loads of naturist photos and it's not yet been shut down!  Maybe they will eventually,  but as all the images are clearly innocent (like people holding a boules trophy) and only the members of the group can see them - and no righteous do-gooder will be flagging them up to facebook, maybe it just slips under the radar.
One of the problems for 'old-timers' is that there isn't much new to report.  Vera Playa is much as Vera Playa always was.  And with our ever growing collection of grand-children we are spending less time there that we once did, so it's hard to report events from a distance.  I have tried to find a 'permanent correspondent' who is a full time resident in Vera Playa and likely to have interesting things to report, but I've failed.  I think the new big avatar is a good thing and as soon as I can find a suitable new image I'll change mine,  but at the moment we're fully occupied in La Rochelle with all our sons and their families and haven't had time to go online at all for a few days, which is why I've missed this very interesting discussion.

Happy owners and winter residents at Vera Playa, our piece of Naturist Paradise.

Posted : 20/03/2014 6:09 pm
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For what it's worth.......... I REFUSE to allow facebook on my computer!  ;

(with new Avatar courtesy Graham J)

Aerial Photographer Skinny Dip 2013

Posted : 20/03/2014 7:28 pm
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I have Facebook and use it occasionally, but don't particularly like it.  I'd go as far as saying that I tend to get active on it following a bottle of wine, and a sudden urge to link youtube video after youtube video of 40 year old music music I'm playing particularly loudly at the time.  :-[ Sometimes I even give pre-warnings, and ask that those not interested in link after link to Rolling Stones videos 'unfriend me now'.

I particularly dislike the 'social profiling' element of it all, the idea that we're being targeted for advertisers (on the basis that there's no such thing as a free lunch) and 'liking' anything, any book you've read or film you've seen builds a profile. And that doesn't even begin to approach the issue of US agencies requesting data on users (10,000 requests in the second half of 2012 alone, for example). The Insecurity Services seem very anxious to tell us they can take photographs of whatever paper people are reading in their gardens….yet (at the time of writing) can't find a 260 tonne aeroplane. Still, that can't all be a bad thing. Identifying Daily Mail readers seems, to me, to be a jolly good idea. It's best that we know where they are and how to avoid them.

So…Facebook…I can take it or leave it, and leave it when people starting posting kitten pictures.  >:( Life's about a million years too short to spend time looking at photos of kittens.

On the flipside, there's this forum, and I wouldn't like to be without it, despite the fact that I've not contributed since last September or so.

Why? Like many other users, VP is my chosen holiday destination, and while some information may be interesting, it really only becomes very interesting as another holiday in VP approaches. Prior to that, who's on at x or y next Friday night isn't of deep interest simply because I can't be there to enjoy the event or entertainment. I get 'invites', relating to VP, all the time on FB. Sadly, 95% of the year, I can't attend, but as those life-affirming holidays approach, they're gratefully received. Sometimes, those invites will inform where I'll be eating on a particular night of the week.

I don't thnk I'd be isolated in taking that approach. As our holiday or holidays (for many of us once a year isn't enough) approach, this forum becomes vital. The entertainment, the restaurants, the weather. We'll find it all here, and that's something Facebook can't provide. This isn't a criticism of the VPF page on FB, it's simply stating that the format of FB doesn't necessarily allow that breadth of information in one place at one time.

For those of you lucky to live out in VP, permanently or semi-permanently, I would imagine that there's not much need to post regularly because you may well have heard it all on the grapevine anyway.

Right now many of us are booking, have just booked or are thinking of booking our annual holidays. I'm going to hazard that there's probably a peak and a trough in traffic on this site, with the trough coming in the winter months. As summer approaches, I'd say we're all crawling out of our shells to regard this forum as 'first point of contact' on all things VP.

And I would imagine those of us who are 'blow ins' once or twice a year are eternally grateful for the info those of you who are resident provide. Everything from roadworks, to speeding clampdowns, to which restaurant has relocated/changed hands, to the weather forecast…it's all here. All vital. All appreciated. From months of not even checking into this forum, as June approaches it will be a once/twice daily visit, if just to keep abreast of the best holiday destination on earth.

From what I read, and hear from younger co-workers and my children, FB is on the way out anyway. Apparently when old farts like me start signing up to it, it's time to move on…with Twitter apparently being the social network of choice these days for young hipsters. And if that's true, and when Mark Zuckerberg is bumming for dimes on the sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard, there's every chance this forum will amble along, still here, still taking in the sound of VP's cicadas and the smell of its bougainvillea.

Posted : 23/03/2014 6:54 pm
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I open VPF forum everyday and will make sure in future that I sign in on every visit. It is a great site to access for me and my wife, particularly when we are in UK. The site does what it is designed to do, i.e. it is a dedicated platform for information and comment for the VP area and personally, I find it much more member friendly than FB.
We appreciate all the hard work by the administrators in maintaining the site and hope that Vera Playa Friends will continue for many years to come.
Danny & Marian Brannigan

Posted : 02/04/2014 9:11 am
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Well, in a short post Danmar has said it all.

I certainly echo these comments as I am sure most users do.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we reached 700 users and this is now 723. More people looking and signing up to this site is an endorsement of the importance of this site to many of us that are stuck in the UK for most of the time.

Please do not interpret lack of activity as lack of interest.

Gregs from Corney & Barrow in a wet Canary Wharf

Posted : 02/04/2014 10:51 am
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Well said Gregs and Danny....

I check the Forum frequently.  Like to keep up to date.  Don't always post, cos if I've nothing worth saying, what's the point of saying something for the sake of it?  But I do find the Forum an excellent source of information.

I don't use FB.  Recently, I downloaded a book on my Kindle.  I was then invited by Amazon to tell all my friends on FB.  Obviously, Amazon want to sell more, but do my friends REALLY want to know what I'm buying?

Just been to the local Aldi, (in France), we bought some groceries, meat, snacks...  point made?!

So Alan, you are doing a fantastic job and it is appreciated!

Aerial Photographer Skinny Dip 2013

Posted : 12/04/2014 6:18 pm
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