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Phil B-C
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What do you feel is lacking or what is on there but not needed ?

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2014 12:27 pm
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The Vera Playa Friends "Website" has been fairly static for a while and only gets changed when something happens (like the 2013 Skinny Dip).
It has always been a source of information for anybody visiting Vera Playa but some of the information is looking a little tired and out of date.
Phil and myself have been exchanging ideas on what to do with the website and we hope to launch phase 2 of the website and forum makeover in the not too distant future.

The discussions we've been having center around (1) the website and (2) the future of the forum verses the rising popularity of other online social networking (mainly FaceBook).
Discussions regarding alternative social networking media has also brought about more questions:
The obvious one being, is there a future for the forum or is this concept now outdated when compared with the likes of FaceBook ?
With regards to the "Website", it is a different medium altogether being more of a factsheet and not dependant on 'interaction'.....
Is there anything needed on the website that we don't already have ?
Is there anything on the website that we no longer need ?
If we expand the website where would any new material come from ?
If more regular updates were available the site could become more dynamic (see events below)
Should we consider paid advertising ?
Could any upcoming events listings be moved from the forum to the website with organisers having access to their own page to update their own events ?
If upcoming events were moved to the website, should paid advertising be considered ? (charitable events would remain free obviously).

Food for thought and discussion ?

Posted : 17/03/2014 4:38 pm
Phil B-C
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What do you feel is lacking or what is on there but not needed ?

Obviously there is nothing lacking or superfluous on the existing website so there is little point in a makeover !

If it ain't broke, don't fix it !

Topic starter Posted : 08/05/2014 2:02 am
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I couldn't agree more, if it ain't broke then............
This is a website forum, an entirely different cup of tea to Facebook, which generally contains a lot of useless, abbreviated, unintelligent chat, and it's nice to read comments on here that are, by and large, sensible, informative, and readable. I would like to see more folk attach a photograph if possible of a subject they are talking about (new bar, beach improvements, what-have-you) as there is a distinct lack of pictures. Perhaps some appropriate advertising could help the page, so long as it isn't obstructive to the content. I am surprised that no-one in business in VP has shown interest in taking a paid advertisement on here! :y !!:) 

Posted : 14/05/2014 7:42 am
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Very late replying this, but it may be of interest, nevertheless.

Stuff like Facebook can be cool but lacks an important feature that a forum and a website share: you don't own the content in Facebook, therefor, should they change their policy, you may end up losing all contributions.

Also, Facebook's policy of no nudity, although with some merits, is no replacement for a naturist administration that understands what should be posted and what shouldn't.

My two cents, anyway.

Edit: Another thing I would change on the website is the dating references in sections like the urbanisations. There are a few "10 years old" but we don't know in which year it was written. That makes it look outdated.

Posted : 30/08/2015 1:57 pm
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I know that I am new but I have observed that James tried to send further information to me but found that I had not done enough posts so he could not PM me. Would it be possible to exchange information in theses cases via a moderator?


Posted : 30/08/2015 5:40 pm
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I'm the N.Ireland members rep for [url= http://British Naturism]British Naturism[/url], and I have my own email address with the organisation. I don't anticipate too many problems with me printing it here as I'm not selling anything other than the wonders and pleasures of Vera Playa itself  ;D

There's a friendly, well-informed and wonderful group of people on here, and each of us try to do our bit to make the VP experience simpler and more pleasurable for others if we can. Even as a seasoned VP user, I still find the information on here invaluable, and the breadth of knowledge offered by the users astonishing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I put a shout out here for 'a needle in haystack', this forum's users would source one for me within 24 hours!

Posted : 30/08/2015 7:42 pm
John and Maureen Berry
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The reason why you can't pm or email people as soon as you join is to protect members, so we don't all get overwhelmed with loads of spam, with people just joining to access our member lists.  pm me and I'll forward your message to the relevant person, when you are clearly not a spammer.

Happy owners and winter residents at Vera Playa, our piece of Naturist Paradise.

Posted : 30/08/2015 9:36 pm