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Airport Journeys – Vera to/from Almeria Airport by Coach

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There is already some permanent information on this website about bus (coach) travel between Vera and Almeria Airport. It is still very relevant, but what follows is an update based on our experience yesterday (Saturday 30 Nov 2019). The update is that some of these coaches now actually stop at the Airport so you might not have to go into Almeria first.

Coach journeys between Vera and Almeria Airport are operated by ALSA bus company. They have their own website,, but it’s not very good; it does not recognise Vera as an (input) destination! Yet they appear to stop at Vera on every journey, and every return journey, between Almeria and Murcia! (I say “appear” because I have only checked their Monday schedules, other days would need checking by you).

So, if using their website you need to input Almeria Bus Station (estacion) and Murcia as origin and destination, or vice versa; then click on “Itinerario” for each journey and it’s intermediate stops will be revealed.

There are 8 journeys each-way on Mondays. All stop at Vera Bus Station - opposite Lidl supermarket.

From Almeria to Murcia, coaches stop at Almeria Airport on 3 journeys, with scheduled times at Almeria airport of 11.40, 14.40 and 20.10, arriving in Vera approx. 1 hour later.

From Murcia to Almeria, there are only 2 journeys that stop at the airport; they are the departures from Vera at 12.25 and 16.30.

We were charged 9.11 Euro’s each from the airport to Vera, though the receipts show our origin as “Almeria Estacion Autobus”. The driver explained something to me in Spanish, and I heard “Estacion” but frankly I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. It might be that I should have pre-booked, but I wasn’t going to do that in case my flight was late. Perhaps someone with good Spanish can interrogate Alsa on what they want in order to board a coach at the Airport instead of starting the journey at Almeria Estacion Intermodal, and add a further update.

One final thing. Where’s the bus stop?!!!! There are a series of coach bays at either end of the terminal building but you should ignore these. Instead, exit the terminal building at the arrivals end, as if going for a taxi, and cross the road to the car park. Then turn right and walk past the car park office building. There you will find a “BUS” lane with a bus stop on the Right (it’s parallel with the Car Park exit). That’s the one you want. It’s obvious once you get there, but not when you are wondering around looking for it!!!

Apologies if all this has been recorded by someone else previously.

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Thanks for the update. just need to update the main site


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