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[Sticky] Media Gallery

Member Admin

A Media gallery has been added to the forum. click on the Media Gallery button to access the gallery. The gallery accepts photos, video clips, embedded videos (e.g. youtube videos) and much much more.

Although we try to keep this forum clear of rules unfortunately a few rules will have to be applied here.

1. Please no porn. If anybody uploads any porn then we may have to take action and we really don't want that.
2. No copyright material. Only post material on which you own the copyright or have express permission of the copyright holder. If you do upload material with the copyright holder's permission then you must include a comment acknowledging the copyright holder.

If these very brief rules are broken we will have to severely restrict the way the gallery is run and all uploads will have to be approved by an administrator, again we really don't want this to happen.

Some limitations that are in place. Only members with 10 or more postings can access the gallery. Those members can see all albums in the gallery but can only post to, edit or update their own albums

Please enjoy the gallery.


Topic starter Posted : 13/02/2012 11:45 pm