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Winter Holiday in Vera Playa Area

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Thanks for accepting me as a new member to your group.

I still hold onto the hope that I may be able to travel to Spain and rent an apartment in the Vera Plata area over the coming winter months (Nov to March). I've never been to this area before, or indeed Spain during the winter months. I've spotted two potential apartments to rent, one being in the Mirador de Vera Plata area, the other in the Pueblo Leguna, Vera Plata area.

I'd like to get an idea from those who are familiar with the Vera Playa area, as to the numbers of visitors in the area over that period.

My question is, if I do rent, in one of these two locations over the winter months, am I likely to find myself being isolated in a lonely development with few neighbours or is it more likely I'd be amongst other "winter holidaymakers" and so have some neighbours? I guess my question is motivated by two factors...
1. the chance to socialise with others and
2. personal security if I were to find myself isolated with few people about.

I realise trying to forecast tourist numbers months in advance, especially during the current situation, is virtually impossible, but I'm just trying to get a "flavour"  of what to expect from those who have first hand knowledge of the area and are willing to share their views.

Thank you so much, in anticipation of some helpful information.

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Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2020 7:21 pm
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Bumping this because I'm also interested in Laguna.

I know there is a webpage describing the various naturists apartments but is there something similar describing the textile ones? They seem over all better value from the purchase view point.

A thank you to anybody that can help.

Posted : 17/06/2020 7:17 am