Vera Playa, Europe’s premier naturist resort.

Vera Playa, Europe’s premier naturist resort.

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This is a historical copy of the now closed website. It is not being updated and many of the articles are now out of date.

The combination of this site and its sister forum is intended to provide an invaluable source of information presented in an easy to use and friendly atmosphere.

This is a historical snapshot copy of the website. It is not kept up to date and some of the information contained in these pages is now inaccurate but has been kept for historical purposes..

We are primarily naturists, but non naturists who are ‘naturist friendly’ are more than welcome to join us. Our forum is intended to bring together people who love Vera Playa, to share greetings, warm regards, information and news without petty restrictions or unnecessary censorship.

Please remember: No blatant advertising, however, information postings on the forum about events in and around Vera Playa and the odd link are accepted, if we think you have overstepped the mark we may ask you to tone it down a bit. No Spam, any account responsible for spamming will be deleted from the forum.

If you have any suggestions about what this site should be like, what it should contain or any ideas that would make this site more useful then please make your way to our forum to make your thoughts known to us and everybody else who is interested in Vera Playa and our site, just click the button marked “Forum” above or click here.

This site will continue to be a work in progress and will evolve to meet the needs and wants of its users. We hope and it is planned that with the evolution of this site it will continually expand the available information to meet the needs of its users and always be friendly to those who use it.



Map of Vera Playa Naturist Zone
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map of vera play naturist zone

Map of Puerto del Rey 
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map of Puerto del Rey